Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ingrid Callot Shows You How to Keep Your Accessories

Hi there, I’m Ingrid Callot. I’m a wife, a cosmetics representative, a blogger and a mother. Recently I’ve had trouble with my accessories collection. I have around thirty different kinds of belts, and after getting dressed belts I tried on will be strewn across the floor or on the bed. Jewelry also puzzles me. I used to keep every piece in an old shoe box in a corner on my dresser, but after I get dressed you’ll find all kinds of bracelets, cocktail rings and necklaces just littering my dresser.
Friends who come visit will say, “The Ingrid Callot I know wouldn’t have allowed this mess to happen.” I realized that I needed to act on all this chaos. It’s okay to keep collecting all these accessories, but I had to be able to store them right. On an organizer spree one day I found things that solved my storage problems incredibly.
Unlike a regular hanger, a belt hanger keeps belts from slipping because the hooks on it allow belts to hang by the buckle, saving a lot of space on your closet’s hanger rod.
From Bob Hiemstra via

A hanging jewelry organizer hangs nicely on your closet’s hanger rod and keeps necklaces, bracelets and earrings of all shapes and sizes. The transparent material lets you see the jewelry even while in storage.
For larger and bulkier bangles, you can turn an old wine bottle into a bangle tower.
It’s amazing how creating space makes everything so much better!