Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hang in There: Clutter Queen Ingrid Callot on Unused Coat Hangers in the Closet

Hello, everyone! It’s me, Ingrid Callot, your go-to friend for tips on how to be green and help save Mother Earth. I had been hounded by nightmares of getting chased by garbage cans as acid rain poured down on me, melting my face. Thus, I woke up one day and started living sustainably, together with my hubby Roger and curious little boy Jacob.

Roger has been bugging me to clean out my closet for weeks now. He says, “Hunny, the closet is storage for clothes. Look at yours, it’s full of unused hangers instead of clothes. I love you, but honestly your organizing skills are non-existent.” So I thought, “Ingrid Callot, what are you going to do with those coat hangers?”

From Ingrid Callot

I didn’t want to throw all the plastic away so I Googled “use for unused hangers” and found an article about the Coat Check Hanger. The chair, designed by Jeoy Zeledon, makes something useful out of hangers by using them as material for the seat. This will save other materials like animal leather from being used to make another chair. The hangers slide on and off the steel frame without adhesive so you can use any hanger you like, in any color. According to Zeledon, the hangers “conform to your bum and are surprisingly comfortable.”

From Ingrid Callot

From Ingrid Callot

They sure look like they’re comfortable enough to slouch on. I will make a Coat Check Hanger and present it to Roger with a note saying, “My organizing skills compass is now pointing to the North. I told you I’d get rid of those hangers eventually. Love, Ingrid.”

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