Friday, February 11, 2011

Small Touches: Ingrid Callot’s Alternative to the Romantic Big Splash

Exuding the calmness of a greenhorn who hears afresh the jolting notes of a war cry, I, Ingrid Callot, walk already a dead man past the arsenal of Anthropologie, away from the crimson fittings and blood-kissed accouterments that scream Valentine behind the tall glass windows of my once-favorite home d├ęcor shop.

I go home triumphant.

From Anthropologie

My baptism of fire in the fight for frugality last Christmas is working wonders for me. My husband waves his white flag of a bank statement in my face and congratulates me—I have just cut our household expenses down to a smashing 50 percent! February comes as a challenge that brings opportunity to save moolah once again.

Forget about the clinking of champagne glasses and bells. The Ingrid Callot contingency is to throw some fancy bonbons on a crystal candy dish, redeem the linen table from the closet, and concoct a self-blended potpourri in a wine glass. Voila! A romantic dining table masterpiece is set for me and Roger.

From Etsy

Take this from me: there is something saccharine about handpicked garden flowers arranged with the right colors. Let me tell you, my hard science-oriented husband appreciated the “art” outlining the floral arrangement I made for our Christmas dinner.

Toss in some paper napkins with kitschy designs as well. Forget about fancy tablecloth this V-Day. Let small touches spell out the romantic big splash for you. Besides, “no retreat, no surrender” is the game when it comes to the thriftiness test.

From Inspired Living Spaces

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