Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ingrid Callot: Revealing the most harmful home cleaning ingredients

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Hello! This is your friendly blogger, Ingrid Callot, living the green life.

Last night, my son Jacob was kind enough to volunteer to do the dishes for me (though he found it hard to reach the sink). I let him help me with the dishwashing but this morning, he woke up with red blotches on his hands. I suppose it was an allergic reaction to the dishwashing liquid I bought two days ago.

So today I wrote this blog to talk about the dangers behind some cleaning products that are commonly found in households. Believe it or not, it’s ironic how many of the things we use for cleaning are the same ones that pose potential health risks to us, our beloved children (who are more susceptible to diseases than adults do), and even to Mother Earth.

Ingrid Callot is a wife, mother, and blogger. She is known in her neighborhood in Van Nuys as a recycling goddess.

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Some cleaners contain unwanted toxins that pollute indoor air or penetrate the skin, leading to adverse effects on the body including allergies, asthma, and even certain cancers. Now, that’s totally scary! So let’s face the facts here. There are some dishwashing liquids sold in the market that contain phosphate which leads to skin irritation and burns. Laundry detergents have linear alkyl benzene that causes reactive dermatitis. Toilet cleaners have harsh chemicals, like sodium hypochlorite that result to breathing difficulty and eye irritation.

I know it’s incredibly impossible to live in a world free of toxins. But we can still do something to make things better by making an effort in using natural cleaning products like baking soda, vinegar, or cream of tartar. We can also minimize the use of harmful chemicals by reading the labels of the products we buy.

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From Ingrid Callo February Photos. Photo Credit:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Illuminating the home naturally: Ingrid Callot on the benefits of installing skylights

“Looking great, Ingrid Callot!”

Vicky, my long lost friend (I haven’t seen her since college graduation!) greeted me as I walked into her charming abode. It’s one of the most beautiful homes I’ve seen in years. Her house was overflowing with character and grace, thanks to the unique Italian antique set of furniture that greeted me. What caught my attention was how each piece of furniture was highlighted with natural light. Not only that, the entire home was flooded with a generous amount of the sun’s brightness and warmth. So what made her home so bright and welcoming? “It’s the skylights,” Vicky answered proudly as she pointed at the strategically placed skylights in her house.

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When I shared to her of my vow to healthy and green living, she got excited, and said, “Ingrid Callot, you won’t believe how huge this is not only in cost reduction, but also in everyday living,” she said, pointing at the skylights, and then she went on discussing more about their benefits.

As we toured around her lovely crib, she said that skylights don’t only provide natural light. They also add insulation to reduce energy bills. Quality skylights made of polycarbonate are 200 times stronger than glass or plastic, so they protect homes from extreme weather conditions. The better part is they give an open and airy atmosphere to any space. And of course, natural light enhances the home and mood of everyone in it, improves sleeping patterns, and encourages vitamin D production.

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Visiting Vicky’s house left me wanting to have my own skylight at home. So now that I’m back home, I’ll call one of my husband’s architect friends and maybe they can help me design a skylight!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Plants for health: Ingrid Callot and saving your lungs

Hello, blog readers! This is Ingrid Callot once again, happy and excited to share with you some groovy green secrets to a healthier living.

There’s no doubt that having plants in your living room or dining area invigorates the spirits and perks up a rather tiring day. A pot of green plant can even brighten up a gloomy abode. But did you know that plants are also beneficial to your health?

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I remember in my biology class (gosh, that was such a long time ago!) that lesson on how plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. But that’s not all what plants do! Amazingly, they do a heck of a job at draining and absorbing particles of air pollutants and toxins.

is a wife, mother, and an advocate of the three R’s of the environment – reduce, reuse, recycle.

This is good news for me and my husband, Roger, as we continue living on the green side. So, we took a little trip to a nearby nursery to spot on some natural greenery. Thankfully, we went home with three kinds of house plants. They’re now neatly placed in our sitting room, in an area where they can bask under the sun during mornings.

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My first choice was the dragon tree or Dracaena (the bonsai version), since it’s not only pretty, it’s also easy to take care of. Roger’s pick was the goosefoot plant or Syngonium podophyllum. He loved how intricate the marbled leaves look. Our third buy was the purple waffle plant or Hemigraphis alternate. It looked a bit funky for me, but the nursery caretaker was kind enough to tell us that it was one of the most rated ornamentals for combating air pollutants.

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So, there! I hope you’ll also buy some plants of your own and display them inside your house so you can enjoy clean air all day, every day.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eating like a celebrity: Ingrid Callot on having great skin

Hello! This is Ingrid Callot, a steward of healthy and green living. My family and I have recently adopted healthy eating, too. Our fridge in the kitchen has a lot of organic food and personally, I’ve started losing all those extra pounds I gained!

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One day, my friend Edgardo Versoza and I were watching E! and looking at all these celebs who have also lost weight after choosing to live healthy.

Of course, celebrities have all the moolah to hire the best trainers and nutritionists to come up with the best exercise regimen and diet combinations for them. If you watch entertainment news programs like I do, then you’re familiar with the healthy weight loss story of singing sensation Jennifer Hudson, the post-dancing trim-down of Ricki Lake, and post-pregnancy slim-down of Mariah Carey.

Ingrid Callot is a wife, mother, and an advocate of eco-friendly living.

Aside from the huge weight loss, these celebs are also getting noticed for their clear skin. And I think that every woman should take great care of their skin, especially my generation – ladies, we are not getting any younger! So I found some tips on the Web on how to take better care of your skin. And guess what! These tips are also being practiced by celebrities!

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Will Caton, a celebrity trainer in Brentwood, California, encourages eating dark green veggies to achieve clearer and younger-looking skin. It’s better than loading up on fruits which have more sugar. Cutting down on sugar not only prevents certain diseases and encourages weight loss, but also helps avoid wrinkle formation. Dermatologists say that sugar breaks down collagen which leads to wrinkling. Piling up on protein is also great since it produces collagen and elastin to tone the skin.

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