Monday, October 29, 2012

Ingrid Callot: Power tools for DIY moms

Hello! If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time now, you have probably figured out that I, Ingrid Callot, do a lot of DIY projects around the house. Although my husband Roger already owns a lot of power tools, I have my own, too.

My top four favorite DIY power tools are the following (and I’m sure many moms out there would also love to have these tools for their mini-household projects):

Cordless jigsaw. I particularly like this tool because it’s so handy. The versions with the cord are way too bulky for me. Mine also does a special task of cutting curves.

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Claw hammer. Although it is not a power tool in the truest sense of the word, I love the claw hammer because it’s a perfect tool for almost all of my Ingrid Callot projects. I’ve had mine for years now and it’s still sturdy and as good as new.

Orbit sander. I like my power sander. It works best for creating detailed jobs and does not leave my arms tired and feeling heavy.

Handsaw. Mine is the version with three interchangeable blades. It serves me well with several of my little DIY projects.

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So if you’re planning to get yourself or your moms something practical this Christmas, consider giving them these functional tools as a gift.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

All for floral: Ingrid Callot on decorating the home with floral accents

My love for nature goes beyond my garden and my home. In true Ingrid Callot fashion, decorating the home requires little budget and a dash of creativity. Of course, decorating a house and making it cozier can never be accomplished without my signature d├ęcor – a touch of nature.

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According to studies, plants do not only make a home look inviting, but they also relieve stress. I definitely agree with this. I often find myself gravitating toward the patio whenever I feel frazzled. I suggest incorporating a little bit of nature in everyone’s home. A basic step is by placing potted house plants in various areas in the house.

For people like me who are into something more vibrant, floral decorations are definitely the right choice. I love creating my own flower arrangements using flowers that I, Ingrid Callot, handpicked from my garden or bought fresh from the market. I place these flower on top of the table near the door, in the center table in the living room, on dividers near the kitchen, and even in the bathroom. They are instant pick-me-uppers and can definitely brighten up the whole appeal of the house.

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Those who are not so fond of real plants or potted plants may opt to decorate their homes with floral-printed curtains instead. Wallpapers with floral prints are also good home accents. To not make the interior design overwhelming, the wall can be decorated with strips of floral wallpaper placed alternately or in between painted walls in an equally vibrant color.

Ingrid Callot is an expert in creating do-it-yourself home decorations.

Another great design, which I stumbled upon Martha Stewart’s site, is called textile wall art. It is a gallery display that uses fabrics wrapped around panels and hung on the wall. By choosing varying fabrics with different colors and flower patterns, one may come up with a wall art that costs less, but prettifies no less.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The economy and the kids: Ingrid Callot on making kids understand

I, Ingrid Callot, worry about my son’s future, since our country is constantly immersed in economic turmoil. And I’m sure many of you would agree when I say that when parents are affected by this hardship, it’s likely that the kids are, too. Thus, you have to be ready when your little ones ask these innocent but meaningful questions: What does layoff mean? Are we going to lose our house? What’s a recession?

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How do you shield your children from needless anxieties without being overprotective? Here are some points to consider:

Give straight answers. Kids these days are aware, to a certain degree, of what’s going on. They pick it up from friends or neighbors. When you lie to them, your credibility as a parent weakens.

Blogger Ingrid Callot has made a lifetime commitment of living a sustainable lifestyle with her husband Roger and son Jacob.

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Give definite answers only when you’re sure of them. Don’t say “we will never lose our house” only to find out that the bank has sequestered your right to ownership. Instead, say something truthful: “We’re not sure about it, but no matter what happens, we will stick it out together.”

Work together as a couple. Your kids need to know only what’s essential for them. Both you and your partner should be in agreement of what to tell the kids and what to be quiet about.

There’s no need to keep your children in the dark. They are part of the family; therefore they have the right to know. Not only will this make them feel important about getting involved, but this will also enhance your bond as a family.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Ingrid Callot on losing weight and keeping it off

They call me the Green Queen, but I am also known as Ingrid Callot, mother to adorable 10-year-old Jacob and wife to dapper husband Roger. 

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I know that a lot of women out there would agree with me when I say that although I may find myself typical or ordinary, I still have the innate drive to change the world with baby steps and without the luxury of wealth or power. And in doing so, I have to start with myself, by committing to a healthy body and losing weight—permanently. 

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With hundreds of weight-loss programs and downright flimflams promising quick weight loss results, women find themselves at the brink of confusion, discouragement, and most of the time, failure. I, Ingrid Callot, say that a successful and long-term weight loss program is one that combines a healthy, calorie-controlled diet with exercise. This takes permanent changes in lifestyle, inner motivation, and a whole lot of positive attitude—not at all easy and quick, but the process of getting there is a journey women can savor and enjoy. Here are a few items that can help: 

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1. Lessen sugar intake in drinks. When the craving gets intense, just think that with every sugary drink comes lots of sugar, which causes blood sugar level to spike and the production of glucagon, a hormone which utilizes fat as energy, to stop.
2. Eat whole. Whole food like brown bread and rice, veggies and fruits are all-natural and fiber-rich. They tend to keep the body full for a long period of time. 
3. Get those healthy proteins. Like soy and chicken, protein-rich food have a high thermic effect, which helps the body to burn more calories. 
4. Exercise regularly. Dance, play a sport, or hit the gym regularly. 
 5. Chew food more. Chewing food 20 to 30 times before swallowing is a way to control the amount of food and aid digestion. 
6. Avoid eating boxed and canned goods. They contain either lots of sugar or salt, which are both fattening. 

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Ingrid Callot on housewarming gifts to newlyweds

Ingrid Callot, we’d like to invite you to our housewarming party this Sunday.” My friend Demi, who just got back from her honeymoon, called me up two weeks ago with this invite. And because I love housewarming parties – among all other parties – I agreed right away and began thinking of what to give to the newlyweds.

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Housewarming parties are defined as “an auspicious event celebrated on the occasion of someone's entry into his new residence.” For newlyweds, it is something to look forward to because transferring to a new home is one of the first few ‘conjugal’ memories that they have as a wedded couple.

Initially, I, Ingrid Callot, thought of giving Demi a houseplant that I’ve grown myself. However, I still have reservations about this because my friend doesn’t exactly have the green thumb. So, I browsed online and came across a few articles that share some good ideas on what to give newlyweds for their housewarming party:

1) Painted portrait. A painted portrait is a wise alternative to the usual picture frames that couples receive as gifts.

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 2) Cozy blankets. Something that the couple can use outside when it’s scorching hot during summer and inside when they snuggle next to the fireplace is a pretty cool idea.

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3) A stash of self-help or DIY books. For me, nothing beats getting pieces of advice on different how-tos—examples are guide books on how to build a garden, how to repair the sink, and how to decorate the house.

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4) Personalized welcome mats. I am leaning toward this because of my love for anything DIY. What I have in mind is to buy a plain woven mat and paint it with a special message for the couple.

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