Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Organize that closet: Ingrid Callot on the best tie and belt organizers on the market

Yesterday my friend Edgardo Versoza went by my house to check out the new green dress I bought (which he’s jealous of). He opened my closet and shrieked, “Ingrid Callot! Did a storm hit your closet? Hurricane Katrina was sooo six years ago!”

From Ingrid Callot

I peered inside my closet and realized that yes, it looked like it was hit by a storm. My hats were on the floor, my clothes were everywhere and were mismatched, and my belts were on the floor too, lying there like dead snakes. My husband Roger’s neckties were mixed up with my scarves, and even his favorite blue tie was wrapped around the heel of one of my shoes. I stood there, stone-faced. I never knew my closet was this messy until today, and I realized I haven’t organized my closet for a while now. Edgardo clicked his tongue and said, “That’s it! Ingrid Callot, we’re going shopping!”

After days of searching the Internet and visiting stores that sell tie and belt organizers, we found these cool ones that you too, would surely love:

• Richards Homewares 16-Hook Spinning Tie Hanger. This hanger is perfect for Roger’s ties and belts. It has 16 sturdy hooks which can pivot independently, allowing for even greater organization. It hangs on any closet rod and measures only 8 inches at its widest points, taking up minimal space in your closet.

From Ingrid Callot

• Smartek Motorized Rack. Both Edgardo and I gushed over this! This electronic revolving rack stores and organizes ties on 64 tie hooks and belts on eight belt hooks that rotate smoothly. It includes a built-in light so you can see your necktie collection in the dark. And oh, the light shuts off automatically after 10 seconds. Neat-o!

From Ingrid Callot

• Handy Hold-All.This cute organizer will be my gift to my little son Jacob, so that his closet won’t be as messy as Mommy’s. Made from cotton, the Handy Hold-All keeps bags, belts, hats, ties, and scarves neatly organized, and you can hang it on the closet door thanks to the small grommet at the top. It also has heavy-duty snaps to keep items secure.

From Ingrid Callot

Once I buy one of these organizers (or all of them!), Edgardo will never look at me disapprovingly again and say, “You are one heck of a clutter queen, Ingrid Callot.”

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