Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ingrid Callot on Organic and Mineral Make Up: Giving You the Freshest, Most Natural Glow

This is Ingrid Callot, also known in my side of town as the biggest fan of Martha Stewart, and of green, eco-friendly living. I admire Martha a lot, and in my mind, we're best of friends – sharing DIY tips and trading recipes while sipping freshly-squeezed orange juice and some vegan cupcakes. In real life, though, my bestfriend is the fabulous Edgardo (or "Versoza. Edgardo Versoza" as he calls himself), who is also my stylist, shopping buddy, personal cheerleader, and publicist. He fully supports my family's decision to live a greener lifestyle, and has taken baby steps to eco-friendly living as well (or maybe he just wanted an excuse to hoard eco bags).

We were supposed to go to the organic Sunday market last week, and upon arriving at my doorstep, Edgardo screeched, “Ingrid Callot! Living green does not mean you have to look like a corpse! Why aren't you wearing makeup?” I tried to explain that I did a little spring cleaning and threw out all my makeup because they contain lead and parabens, when he shut me up and said, “That's what mineral makeup is for!” And so, our Sunday was spent looking for mineral makeup online. I ended up spending the budget for grass-fed Wagyu beef on mineral foundation, blush, and lipstick.

From Ingrid Callot

Mineral makeup was worth every penny, as it made my skin look fresher and more radiant. The foundation made my skin look matte and poreless, and the blush imparted a healthy glow. The lipstick made my lips look and feel soft and supple. The best part is that the makeup did not have any scent, which means only the most natural ingredients were used, and I did not get skin irritation or breakouts, which means it's perfect for sensitive skin. The formulation for mineral makeup is gentler than that of commercial brands, so it's safer for everyday use. The makeup did not budge even after 6 hours of running after my little boy, preparing dinner, and doing the dishes, which meant less retouching, so I use less of the products. The packaging is also made of recycled materials, which makes it very earth-friendly.

From Ingrid Callot December

With mineral makeup, you beautify not only yourself, but gorgeous Mother Nature, too. Find more eco-friendly tips on my Facebook page.