Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ingrid Callot shares the benefits of eating raw

I am Ingrid Callot, DIY queen, recycling and composting queen, wife, mother, and a hardcore fan of green, eco-friendly living. I, together with my family, started living green last Christmas, and it feels great to be able to help take care of Mother Nature through sound lifestyle changes. We make it a point to avoid purchasing household items that may contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. We reuse and recycle as many things as we can – we always think twice before throwing away anything that’s non-biodegradable. Although I do not have a green thumb, I decided to grow a small garden in our backyard because I would like my family to consume food that’s harvested straight from our garden.

I, Ingrid Callot, also make sure to feed my family only local and organic produce, but lately, I have decided to take living green a step further by following a raw food diet. Now before you start lecturing me about how this diet can lead to serious undernourishment, let me remind you that a diet consisting of uncooked, unprocessed plant food can lead to a leaner body, clearer skin, and higher energy levels. Because the plants are not exposed to heat and cooking utensils, the risk of having food poisoning is also reduced. This is a lifestyle choice and not merely a weight loss plan, although weight loss is one of the obvious benefits of raw foodism (winks). Staples of the diet include seaweeds, sprouts, whole grains, beans, dried fruits, and nuts, among others.

From Ingrid Callot

I have only been a raw foodie for a couple of weeks, but I can already feel the benefits – I feel lighter and more energized, and it is such a relief to not have to slave away over a stove just so I can get a decent meal. Visit my Facebook page for more information on raw foodism and eco-friendly living.

From Ingrid Callot

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