Friday, February 17, 2012

Leftovers are not rubbish: Ingrid Callot on proper food storage

My husband Roger and I, Ingrid Callot, would have starved yesterday if not for the leftovers in our fridge. There are days when I just can’t find the luxury of time to prepare a complete meal. Yesterday was no different. For this reason, up my sleeves is a variety of food storage ideas to preserve food properly.

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Of course, as an advocate of eco-friendly solutions, I prefer to use sustainable storage containers. I’m sure many of these are probably in your kitchen already.

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Here are some valuable tips on storing food the eco-friendly way:

Buying glass containers

Glass is the most ideal storage choice. The reason: it’s safe and it saves you a lot of money in the long run. Ingrid Callot here invests in glass containers. A glass container may be more expensive than other choices you might find at the store, but it’s an investment, and a worthy one at that. I recommend borosilicate glass since it holds true to its safe and eco-friendly character like Pyrex. It also safely withstands extreme temperature changes.

Re-using product containers

When buying grocery items, find food products that come in containers or packages that can be re-used for a period of time. There is a wide array of brands and goods that are good enough for that purpose. An example for this is Eden Foods’ tomato products. The company addresses concern about BPA by using amber glass jars. BPA is Bisphenol A, a chemical found in the linings of canned goods and other containers.

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