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Doing your "business" the eco-friendly way: Ingrid Callot on composting toilets

Ingrid Callot teaches you how to keep your toilet smelling fresh and clean with the following blog. Read on and join the green side!

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Ever since my family and I decided to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle, I have gotten rid of almost all the plastic in my house, and we’ve started eating organic food and using only sustainable products. Recently, we also had a composting toilet installed in our house. At first my son Jacob was in no way convinced with the idea and said, “Mom, isn’t that gross?”

I just smiled and answered, “Just wait and see, darling.”

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"Ingrid Callot is a wife and mother, and is known in her neighborhood as a recycling goddess."

A composting toilet is a system that eliminates nasty odors from human waste while avoiding water wastage. Plus, you can use the waste as fertilizer in your garden! I learned there are several ways of doing it, but basically it works like this:

• When doing ‘business’ in the composting toilet, I let my family use a bucket to place their you-know-what in. I also put a pile of sawdust (hay, woody mulch, or even shredded paper will do) ready at the side to cover up the you-know-what in the bucket. This keeps the unpleasant smell from leaking out and prevents uninvited pests from coming in.

• When the bucket is good to go, I put it in our backyard, under the sun, to stand for two weeks. The heat of the sun, especially when the heat reaches more than160° F, is enough to kill the microbes in the bucket. I can then use the compost to fertilize my beautiful plants.

• The bucket is then cleaned and ready to be put back in the composting toilet.

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