Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fast and free: Ingrid Callot's summertime energy-saving tips

I am Ingrid Callot, better known as the reigning queen of recycling, reusing, and reducing in my neighborhood and on the blogosphere. Today, I’d like to talk about energy-saving for summer.

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As you look forward to spending breezy warm days and great summer nights, higher bills are expected, but are not welcome. Whether you use an air conditioning unit and such cooling appliances more often than usual or consume more water to cool down body temperature, there are saving tips that can help you reduce and energy cost and consumption. They are Earth-friendly as well. So before setting that air conditioning into full speed, consider these Ingrid Callot tips, so that at the end of the season, your pockets will thank you in return:

Ingrid Callot. Image Credit: showmomthemoney.com

• Buy an automatic thermostat, if you haven’t yet. A programmable thermostat can turn on and off at certain temperatures. It automatically kicks in when it detects warmer temperatures and shuts off when it senses cooler temperatures. At the same time, it turns off when you are away and runs on when you are around.

• Replace your current incandescent bulbs with more efficient ones, like compact fluorescent bulbs or LED. They consume less energy yet they are brighter and they last longer.

• When you leave your home empty during the day, keep your curtains down or closed to keep the rays of the sun from entering your interiors. This makes way for cooler air, allowing your air conditioning system to work less hard at nighttime.

Ingrid Callot. Image Credit: beritahots.blogspot.com

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