Monday, November 5, 2012

Ingrid Callot: ‘Going green’

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“It’s not that easy being green,” says Kermit the Frog, but going green is. Okay, it’s a hard sell, but drub that last line as Ingrid Callot’s, would you? That may be an existentialist truth from a puppet, but as a side note, I always imagine this Sesame pal taking an extra mile to relate that angst to the big bad world that’s going gray and bald. It’s time to go green, folks.

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With the “going green” trend doing a crazy run on shirts, mugs, and banners, I guess people have to take the message to the heart. Going green is a lifestyle, but not so much at a level that you will obligate yourself to carry life in style through chic organic stuff, diets, and hybrid cars. You wouldn’t see Ingrid Callot going to that extent of lavish obsession. Besides, on products, I choose quality cheap than cheap quality. Going green is both a mindset and honest practice of keeping an eco-friendly lifestyle.

While “going green” effectively starts as a personal mission, it also has to inspire communal action. It must create good values and practices that have the capacity to make a difference. By and large, going green, as a popular trend, is easy. It just needs some real pop.

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