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A merry, appetizing Christmas: Banquet decoration ideas for an enchanting holiday feast

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The joyous feeling during the holidays is not only because of the gifts received or the mouthwatering food that we stuff our cheeks with, but also because of the vibes that emanate from the decorations that can be seen everywhere.

Face it; Christmas won’t be complete without the towering trees adorned with candy canes, shiny and glittery balls, poinsettias, and the symbolic star atop. With the alluring aesthetics that wrap the whole world during the holidays, the festive feeling is but automatic. In line with this, I, Ingrid Callot, am a big fan of all-out decorating during the holidays, which I start a month before the big day and often end a few days after New Year.

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As we seldom experience snow in Van Nuys, my theme almost every year revolves around “winter wonderland.” This year, I’m going all white. I believe the monochromatic shades of white, grey, taupe, and a bit of black, will make a perfect palette this year.

Apart from filling our humble abode with Christmas ornaments, some of which I managed to craft by myself, in every possible spot, I, Ingrid Callot, also do extensive planning for our family’s Christmas celebrations, including the Christmas eve sit-down dinner and the Christmas day family get-together, focusing not only on the menu, but also on the table setting.

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Instead of dressing the chairs in white cloth, I will be placing wings on them, as inspired by this heavenly holiday table theme I saw online. A big vase of white stargazers and tulips will be the centerpiece. For the name plates, I’m still undecided if I should go for pinecone holders or small gift boxes with dedication cards, where the names of the guests will be written. For the utensils, I’d definitely prepare our chinaware and silverware for added sophistication.

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I’ll most probably do the same table setting for our family get-together for practicality purposes, but the buffet table will have a special corner for sweets. Cake stands will be filled with chocolates, muffins, macarons, cupcakes, and candies, which will all be in white.

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