Friday, December 28, 2012

Yuletide: A cash cow season?

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I know it’s almost Christmas when my son Jacob sings his favorite Christmas songs in the morning. Ah, the holiday cheer is in the air. For many, this is the time for best buys, best gifts, and best parties. 

I, Ingrid Callot, am a big fan of the Yuletide season. Who wouldn’t be, when we have the perfect excuse to splurge, party, and receive gifts. Although my family and I are among the happiest during this time of year, I always think that commercialization ruins what should be an otherwise happy season.

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Since time immemorial, commerce and businesses have dictated the way we spend our Christmas and New Year. There is the incessant hype to spend and splurge because it wouldn’t be that much fun if we do not burn holes in our pockets or, to say the least, if we do not shell out money.

For so long, I’ve been among those who would rush to the malls and buy whatever is on sale. I would decorate the house until there is no more space to decorate, and I would party until we cannot stomach what’s left on the table. But since I turned over a new leaf, I have vowed to myself that my family will never be victims of commercialization.

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This year, my family and I have decided that while we will have gift-giving and holiday feasts, we will be mindful of the meaning behind this celebration. While spending won’t be inevitable, we have recourse to a mindful spending and to a celebration where the focal point is on selfless giving than receiving. What is important is not the quantity, but the quality of the celebration. This time of the year should be about family, love, and selfless giving.

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