Sunday, March 31, 2013

On bloopers, blunders, and losing: Why they're good for kids

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Ingrid Callot, do you ever bend some board game rules or loosen a bit during a family race so your kid wins?” a friend of mine asked.

I answered with a resounding yes.

For me, this parental inclination makes sense to protect my son from needless feelings of hurt. However, I also believe that it should only be done on occasion to help kids learn from the errors they make along the
way. In fact, research found that kids learn better if conditions are arranged so that they make errors.

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Gone are the days when committing errors was not encouraged in school and at home. Just like last week, my 11-year-old son Jacob forgot a very important routine: bringing the trash out for the early morning pick-up. Although I knew all the while that he was missing his nightly duty, I intentionally let him be. The following morning he realized the consequences of his mistake. And he never forgot to take out the trash again.

On the Today Show, Amy Creed, founder of Positive Parenting Solutions, affirms that teaching a child to fail doesn’t mean that he’s a failure. Rather, mistakes make room for learning and preparation for greater responsibilities ahead.

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