Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A non-traditional wedding calls for a non-traditional veil

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Over coffee and a stack of wedding magazines, I chatted with my friend Celene, who’s getting married this summer. Her wedding date is getting closer, and she’s getting more nervous about the big day. Believe it or not, her biggest problem is choosing the right wedding veil design.

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“I want something not too fancy, not too faddist, and most certainly non-traditional. Help me, Ingrid! What should I do?” Celene said with a deep sigh.

I opened my laptop and showed her some dainty wedding veil designs perfect for her taste. “Haven’t you heard of this thing called the Internet?” I asked and winked.

She looked at the designs, stared at me, and exclaimed, “Ingrid Callot, you’re the goddess of weddings!”

Brides-to-be, listen up. If you’re like Celene who’s planning a nonconventional wedding, alternative accessories are not that hard to find. There are lots of websites that dispense advice on wedding preparations, like this Today Style article which presents some chic wedding veil picks that suit Celene’s liking.

Of headbands and halos

The headband or the halo creates a casual and subtle charm for brides who want a vintage or angelic look.

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Of birdcages

Brides who don’t want the classic long veils but still want something that slightly covers their face can try birdcage veils. For a more glammed up look, they can add a dash of Swarovski crystals or tiny pearls on the edge of the veil.

Of caps and hats

Bridal hats come in all shapes, sizes, and textures. From Gypsy- to princess-inspired designs, there are lots of bridal hats and caps that can fit different wedding themes.

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Traditional or not, wedding veils are considered a fashion statement for every bride. And everyone looks forward to that moment when the groom finally removes the veil from the bride’s face before he kisses her as his wife.

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