Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Healthy shape-up: How to avoid common diet blunders

My friend once asked me: “Ingrid Callot, what’s your secret to staying fit?”

I honestly told her that while I am an advocate of healthy living and proper diet, I am no expert in this area. Even the most passionate dieters and serious healthy eaters jeopardize their efforts by doing things the wrong way. And for me, if I may add, there is no single concrete secret recipe to staying fit. What I am definite about is that in terms of dieting, perception is not always the truth.

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As Cynthia Sass, a Florida-based registered dietitian and food coach reveals, “Many people believe they’re on track, but when I sit down with clients and take a closer look, we usually find areas for significant change.”

So I have taken the liberty to research on some of the most common dieting mistakes and how we can swerve to steer clear of them. The Today Show presents these diet busters:

Skipping meals or eating too often. Neither eating too often nor skipping meals is better for healthy individuals. The best thing for us to do is to eat three times a day with healthy-rich food.

Believing that low-calorie food is healthy food. Fact: Calories add up quickly. It is not enough knowing that we’re eating low-calorie food. We have to control our intake.

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Skipping protein-rich food. For sure, colorful veggies are healthy and can help in the weight-loss process. However, skimping on protein from meats denies us of the sense of fullness and muscle build-up.

Misunderstanding calorie-exercise output. Let us remember that diet or exercise alone can do what it takes to have our desired body or health. Making the right calculations can do the trick for us.

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