Wednesday, July 3, 2013

AMA's lesson in skin cancer protection: Slather kids with sunscreen

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My son Jacob used to hate it, but putting on sunscreen has become a part of his routine before going to school or anywhere outdoors for a long period of time. I’m glad he’s as vigilant about it as I am because I know for a fact that one bad sunburn during childhood can double the chances of having skin cancer later on in life.

A study for cancer research asserts that one in four people who’ve had melanoma, a cancer of the skin, doesn’t use sun protection when outside for more than an hour. What’s even more bothersome is that schools banned children from bringing sunblock products. Luckily, the American Medical Association (AMA) are behind mothers like me on this issue. The group of doctors from AMA addresses the ban with a resolution lifting sunscreens from the list of over-the-counter items banned in schools. AMA further notes that schools should allow students to bring sunscreens without restriction and without a doctor’s note.

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With reports that a number of school-age children in the country have suffered from sunburns only because they were not allowed to bring sunscreen, AMA believes that sunscreen is the most practical form of sun protection.

With the summer around, application of sunscreen is non-negotiable for me. And even if the hot season is over, applying sunscreen should be a no-brainer, especially for kids.

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