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REPOST: How To Host a Clothing Swap

Inherit a new wardrobe and clean out your closet by hosting your own clothing swap. Start by following these tips from Good Housekeeping.

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Clothing Swap

A clothing swap is great motivation to do a closet purge (a seasonal necessity) and a fun way to connect with friends and update your outfits--at zero cost. Plus, it's eco-friendly.

Don't worry about guests' being different sizes: A roomy dress can be cinched in with a great belt, and accessories work for every size and shape. Consider opening the event to friends of friends as well, and you'll add to the mix of swappables you get and make things more social.

After all, what could be more of an icebreaker than sipping wine and trying on cute clothes with a bunch of your girlfriends? To be sure your party doesn't turn into a free-for-all, let guests know they can take home only the same number of items they've brought. Then, swap away!

1. Get Ready 

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Create buzz by sending invites (paper or virtual) at least three weeks ahead to give guests time to sort through their closets.

To ensure a successful swap, invite at least 10 women whose style you admire; have each person bring three to 12 things in good condition (including jewelry and unopened cosmetics) to trade, suggests Melissa Massello, cofounder of the Swapaholics, who stage clothing exchanges in the Boston area.

2. Cute Cocktails 

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Fashion and fun are the focus here. Keep the vibe casual with simple invitations and light bites.

Serve non-staining sips such as white wine, fruit-garnished Prosecco, or spritzers, suggests the Swapaholics' Massello.

Provide easy finger foods that wont makes a mess, like fresh fruit and veggies, crackers and cheese, and macarons.

3. Pretty It Up 

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While guests are snacking, turn your space into a chic boutique by laying everything out artfully.

Arrange accessories on a coffee table and end tables; use a tray, plates, or even a bulletin board to display jewelry.

5. Show Your Shoes 

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Display shoes on a shelf. Two guests want the same thing? Do a walk-off, in which each models the item and the group votes.

6. Grab and Go! 

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A swap is the perfect chance to take fashion risks, since there's no buyer's remorse. Mix, match, and experiment.

Place hanging items on a clothing rack (you can rent one from a party store), or use an emptied hall closet.

7. Try It On! 

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Create a try-on area; put mirrors around the room. Guests should be ready to disrobe (a cami and leggings are recommended).

Spread the wealth by bringing leftover clothing to a donation center. Bonus: You can get a tax write-off next April.

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