Friday, September 13, 2013

Operation crafty: DIY creations out of used materials

Hello! Those of you who have been following me online know that reducing, recycling, and reusing old items is how I celebrate the environment. These three Rs benefit not only Mother Nature but also my family’s savings. As a bonus, I get to be crafty and creative. The following ingenious ideas have inspired me in making something old into something worthwhile again:

Ice cream containers (like those from Breyers® )

Summer might have made you consume more ice cream than you’ve ever imagined – I know I have. And because the hot season is over, you can make good use of those old ice cream containers. They are great for organizing small things, including hardware items, handicraft items, and children’s toys. They can also be used as ribbon or thread organizers. Ice cream containers can also do well in the garden as seed containers or alternative flower pots.

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Milk cartons

You can plant seeds in them after cutting off the top, poking a few holes in the bottom for drainage, and filling with potting soil and vermiculite. A milk carton can also serve as a cooler by placing a glass or bottle of drink inside and filling the carton with water and placing it in the freezer. This is a more creative way of serving cold beverages than just placing them on an ice bucket.

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Wallpaper samples

You can use them as a cabinet or drawer liner to make things slide out more easily while giving your cabinet a richer look. Wallpapers can also be used to design bookmarks, gift boxes, greeting cards, and even recycled jar lids.

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With a little imagination and source of inspiration, getting crafty can turn old things into a piece of art. All these you can do while making Mother Earth smile with gladness.

I’m Ingrid Callot, domesticity queen and lover of everything DIY. You can get more of my ideas on related topics by following this Facebook page.

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