Friday, September 13, 2013

September: A glorious time to do gardening

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Every year when September comes along, I sometimes feel my interest for gardening declining a bit since I am inclined to think that the growing season is just close by. However, right after summer is a very crucial time to do backyard gardening to ensure a bountiful garden in the year ahead. September is a great time to plan, purchase seeds and materials, and plant for next spring's garden. Plus, the sunny weather can inspire homeowners to do all sorts of gardening. In my own home garden, for instance, I expand it with a different kind of plant every now and then. Here are some plants that I found to be perfect for home gardening this time of the year:


I agree with this BBC article that planting native hedges makes a unique garden feature. Hedges not only produce a varied range of berries and flowers, but they also attract birds and insects into the garden.

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Spring bulbs

Spring bulbs, like daffordils, tulips, and crocuses, are best planted in autumn. This article from The Telegraph provides some tips for planting bulbs.


Yahoo! Voices suggests planting broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, English peas, and potatoes in September or October, and you can expect a harvest in about two weeks.

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By spending quality time in the garden and planting at this time of year, you can reap the wonders of nature and learn to appreciate home gardening.

I’m Ingrid Callot, and I love planting in my very own little garden at home. You can read up on related topics by following me on Twitter.

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