Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eating like a celebrity: Ingrid Callot on having great skin

Hello! This is Ingrid Callot, a steward of healthy and green living. My family and I have recently adopted healthy eating, too. Our fridge in the kitchen has a lot of organic food and personally, I’ve started losing all those extra pounds I gained!

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One day, my friend Edgardo Versoza and I were watching E! and looking at all these celebs who have also lost weight after choosing to live healthy.

Of course, celebrities have all the moolah to hire the best trainers and nutritionists to come up with the best exercise regimen and diet combinations for them. If you watch entertainment news programs like I do, then you’re familiar with the healthy weight loss story of singing sensation Jennifer Hudson, the post-dancing trim-down of Ricki Lake, and post-pregnancy slim-down of Mariah Carey.

Ingrid Callot is a wife, mother, and an advocate of eco-friendly living.

Aside from the huge weight loss, these celebs are also getting noticed for their clear skin. And I think that every woman should take great care of their skin, especially my generation – ladies, we are not getting any younger! So I found some tips on the Web on how to take better care of your skin. And guess what! These tips are also being practiced by celebrities!

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Will Caton, a celebrity trainer in Brentwood, California, encourages eating dark green veggies to achieve clearer and younger-looking skin. It’s better than loading up on fruits which have more sugar. Cutting down on sugar not only prevents certain diseases and encourages weight loss, but also helps avoid wrinkle formation. Dermatologists say that sugar breaks down collagen which leads to wrinkling. Piling up on protein is also great since it produces collagen and elastin to tone the skin.

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More healthy living tips from Ingrid Callot can be accessed on Twitter.

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