Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Ingrid Callot idea: Healthy packed lunch for kids

“Oh dear Ingrid Callot, how do you feed your son?”--one of my neighbor friends asked the other day. Her son is Jacob’s classmate. If I remember correctly, her son is a picky eater, the type who would easily devour a piece of cake but eternally avoid a lettuce leaf.

When kids start schooling, they are in need of more energy due to the different activities done in and out of school. This calls for the preparation of healthy meals, not only for breakfast, but for the whole day.

To ensure that Jacob gets the nutrition that he needs, even if he’s out of my sight, I, Ingrid Callot the domestic goddess now turned green eating guru (maybe because I have an apprentice of a son to guide), make sure that his packed lunch are not only convenient to eat, but also healthy.

Ingrid Callot Photo Credit: Cnngo.com

One of his favorites is wheat tortilla wraps, which go with sliced chicken, lettuce leaves, mayonnaise, and low-fat cheese. Aside from wraps, I sometimes prepare mini-burritos for him, made of rice and black beans, with tomato salsa on the side.

What I like about wraps and burritos is that they are easy to prepare and are delicious--hot or cold.

Ingrid Callot Photo Credit: Nurturing-nutrition.com

Well, I tossed these tips to my friend’s delight; I found them while browsing for more recipes and they went straight to the Ingrid Callot book. Here goes the online article I stumbled upon:

- Always include fresh fruits or vegetables
- Offer a variety of breads – whole grain, pita, and flat
- Cheese and yogurts are healthier alternatives to butter or margarine
- Cut the vegetable and fruits into various shapes so they’ll be more interesting to eat
- Don’t forget to place a bottle of fresh juice, smoothie, or water in the lunch box

Ingrid Callot Photo Credit: http://Drlisatabrizind.wordpress.com

For more ideas on healthy eating and living, visit this Ingrid Callot blog.

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