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What to make of the attic? Ingrid Callot’s space and design ideas

From Dec 9, 2011

“Mom, I want to turn the attic into my room,” said Jacob the other week. The young Ingrid Callot in me felt all giddy. Challenge accepted! The thought of turning a lifeless room into a ‘livable’ space is definitely my kind of thing. However, I had reservations about my son’s request because our attic’s purpose is really to be a stockroom.

If I give in to his request, I would have to transfer all the boxes, unused home furnishings, piles of books, and a whole lot of stuff into another room. So, after days of thinking about it, I decided that no, the attic will remain a stockroom. But wait! I wouldn’t want my son to feel upset so I told him that part of the attic will be his – I’ll turn it into a playroom for my kid.

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So the next day, Ingrid Callot here took the time to browse the Internet for some design ideas on how I can smartly divide the space in the attic. You can tell that I’m lovin’ DIY interior projects.

I read online that choosing the best attic design involves looking at what you want to do with the space and planning accordingly.

Because Jacob will spend much time in the room, I have to take the ventilation into consideration. When turning the attic into a living space, it is also recommended to change the windows and make them bigger so that the air can circulate smoothly in the room, and that natural light will be allowed inside.

With how our attic looks, I’d probably ask for assistance in setting up a few overhead bins where some of the things could be stored. Then I’d set up cots and vinyl tiles on the floor just to make it comfortable for Jacob to lounge there if he wants to. I’d also transfer some of his cabinets, mostly the ones with his toys, in the attic.

Lastly, I’d set up a garage sale and see what else can be sold from the unused items in the attic. Those that will remain will be placed in boxes or be placed in a corner of the room and enclosed with a foldable divider to avoid the clutter.  

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