Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Take it from Vogue: Ingrid Callot’s latest discovery on sustainable fashion

Ingrid Callot, do you love fashion?” I was a bit taken aback by my friend’s question, for some reason. It could be because I do love fashion but not to the extent of buying clothes like there’s no tomorrow. Or it could be because of the fact that I scrutinize clothing companies and their waste management problems, as I try to live up to my goal of having an eco-friendly lifestyle. But to say that eco-friendliness and fashion do not meet eye-to-eye all the time is actually false. So I answered my friend, “Oh yes, I do, but only sustainable fashion.”

Ingrid Callot Photo Credit: treehugger.com

Sustainable fashion is a design philosophy wherein creation of clothes and other products are done with consideration to the environment and the society. As an environmental advocate, I, Ingrid Callot, salute this effort by the fashion industry to keep up with the demands of creating apparel and pushing for profit while taking the environment into consideration.

As I am forever curious about the trends on sustainable fashion, I stumbled upon Teen Vogue’s website which featured an article dedicated to eco-friendly fashion brands. The timing was perfect because updating my wardrobe is sort of in-order. Some designers who create eco-friendly clothes, which I covet, include:

- C&T Costello Tagliapietra
Ingrid Callot Photo Credit: teenvogue.com

- People Tree
Ingrid Callot Photo Credit: teenvogue.com

- Chinti and Parker
Ingrid Callot Photo Credit: teenvogue.com

- Maiyet
Ingrid Callot Photo Credit: teenvogue.com

I also like Rain Tees, one of the brands created by designer Beth Doane, which aims to plant a tree in a critically endangered area of the world for every tee sold.

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