Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gearing up: Ingrid Callot's list of basic must-haves for every green thumb

It is me again, Ingrid Callot, at your service. Today, I won’t be addressing the common quandaries of women, such as fashion disaster and closet mayhem. Instead, I’ll be writing more about my “green awakening.”

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I used to live life like every average mortal soul does – without a care about ozone thinning or global warming. At least until after I woke from a hellish nightmare where an army of trash bins chased me through town. Then, acid rain began to pour, burning my skin. I was literally screaming my lungs out when my husband Roger shook me awake, looking just as frightened as I was. That night, I vowed to adopt a healthier lifestyle and after days of reading up on green living, I set out to build my own garden.

Now I share the Ingrid Callot List of Basic Must-Haves for every green thumb (wannabe):

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Standard shovel and spade
Often used interchangeably, here’s a wee bit of def to differentiate the spade from the shovel. A spade is for digging and removing earth while a shovel is used for digging, lifting, and moving massive objects.

This is primarily used for light weeding, leveling, loosening the soil, and collecting leaves, hay, grass, and other similar objects.  

Also used to move around small amounts of soil, a hoe is used mainly for hilling and creating narrow furrows or shallow trenches.  

Watering can
While having a hose might be convenient, a watering can is much easier to use for jobs too small for a hose.

Ingrid Callot made a vow to adopt a healthier lifestyle after waking from a nightmare where an army of trash bins chased her through town.

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This hand tool comes in a variety of types. But generally, it is used for breaking up the earth or digging small holes in preparation to planting, weeding, mixing fertilizers, and other additives, or transferring plants to pots.

Wheelbarrow and cart
So what’s the difference? A wheelbarrow, which is quite smaller, sometimes comes in one wheel, and is used to lift objects around. On the other hand, a cart is much larger, often pushed or pulled by one or more people.

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