Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ingrid Callot: Gearing up the eco way

Known on the blogosphere as Ingrid Callot the recycling enthusiast and domestic goddess, I make it a point to know everything that concerns living the green life.

With the summer season here, I’m sure eager moms like me are already prepping up for the next school year. Thus, I rummaged through the local shops for some great finds that my son Jacob will surely love. Check them out:

Thinksound Sustainable Wood Headphones.

The Thinksound Sustainable Wood Headphones, a bright idea developed by the eco-friendly firm Rain, are designed with sleek wooden ear buds that render high-def sound. It surely is the greenest way to listen to your favorite tunes while passing time.

Ingrid Callot. Image credit: Ecotechninja.com

EarthDrive 2GB Flash Drive.

I’m far from being anything techie but I, Ingrid Callot, am not called a green queen for nothing. And yes, I own an EarthDrive myself. Known as the world’s first recyclable USB drive, it is made of recycled materials. And with each EarthDrive purchase, 50 cents is donated to the American Forests.

Ingrid Callot. Image credit: Gadgetsatz.com

Voltaic Fuse Solar Charger.

Youngsters and adults carry an average of three gadgets with them: a mobile phone, digital music player, and a laptop or tablet. It sure is annoying if all three run out of juice just when you’re in the middle of something urgent. With the Voltaic Fuse Solar Charger, you can power up your battery with an estimated 19 hours of talk time or 48 hours of tunes whenever you need to.

Ingrid Callot. Image credit: Voltaicsystems.com

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