Monday, July 9, 2012

Ingrid Callot: Tidy up before you party up

Green queen and recycling goddess are just some of the titles attached to my name. However, I am better known as Ingrid Callot -- the reigning queen of eco-blogosphere. I kid. Though I am adamant about conquering the universe together with my army of recyclists, I am no Miss Universe wannabe. Though I’m sure I’m packaged with both beauty and brains (but enough with this psychobabble), I believe we – as ordinary as we may seem to be -- can change the world one small step at a time without the need for power, affluence, or hype.

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My infamous friend Edgardo Versoza, who enjoys belittling my mission in life by bashing me with boorish comments about my scullery in haywire, came over to check out my place the day before my husband Roger’s birthday party. I, Ingrid Callot, took him by surprise when he found I managed to clear all the clutter single-handedly -- a feat I couldn’t be more proud of after seeing the dumbstruck Edgardo’s face. Now, I share to you six simple steps that could transform your muddled habitat into a festive haven.  

Corral your crap. Get all the mess out of the way and tuck them into a safe spot.  

Stash up the bath. Make sure you have sufficient supplies of tissue rolls in the bathroom.
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Bring it on! Haul in a table big enough to accommodate the food and make sure you’ve got enough seats for all your guests. Instead of shelling out some money, you might want to try borrowing an extra table or chairs from a friendly neighbor.  

Let the flowers in bloom. Some d├ęcor can help brighten up your place. Gathering some flowers from your garden and putting them in vases will do trick.

Light up. Light a dozen unscented candles to create an intimate ambiance.  

Turn on the volume. Play some mellow tunes during meals or dance music to liven up the party.

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Now, you’re all set to welcome your first guest! Don’t forget to add me, Ingrid Callot, on your guest list, alright? Learn more eco- and budget-friendly home improvement tips by following Ingrid Callot on Facebook.

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