Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Animals on the move: Ingrid Callot and the benefits of organic farm party for kids

Hi, Ingrid Callot here. My good friend Ashya recently got into birthday party organizing. Here’s what I like about her new venture: she looks for eco-friendly ideas to incorporate in parties, just like hosting birthday parties on the organic farm that she owns. Given that my son Jacob loves being around free-moving animals, the greenery, and whatnot, it seems like an awesome idea to have his 11th birthday party next year on a farm. That would be a delight for me as someone who advocates clean and green living.

Ingrid Callot Image Credit: Todaysparent.com

The following are some of the reasons why I, the Eco-goddess and Domestic Queen Ingrid Callot, believe that an organic farm is a unique and perfect venue to celebrate life and Mother Earth at the same time:

• I love the idea of outsourcing my son’s birthday celebration without compromising my ideals in matters of food, play, and waste.

• Kids will learn about seasonal plants and can even bring home some, to plant and care for at home.

Ingrid Callot Image Credit: Apartmenttheraphy.com

• Aside from pony rides, other thrills kids may enjoy are geese and bird feeding, egg collecting, tractor rides, and other farm activities that they don’t see every day in the city.

• Talking with real-life cowboys and farmers will be a plus factor since the kids will learn a whole lot from them about plant and animal growing.

• It’s simple yet waste-free, natural, and preservative-free.

Ingrid Callot Image Credit: Lohas.com

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