Sunday, September 9, 2012

Me, myself, and I: Ingrid Callot talks about the importance of ‘me time’

“With all the chores that I have to do, I can’t even find time to clean my nails, Ingrid Callot! I can’t even go out of the house!” one of my friends exclaimed when I asked her the other day if we can go out for dinner. Although inviting her to go out always freaks out this friend of mine, I still asked her anyway, in the hopes that she finally knew how to set aside time for herself.

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As a mother and wife who does various things on the side, I know how overwhelming it can get to wear different hats sometimes – no, wait -- all the same time. While some married women, particularly those with kids, never fail to blame settling down as the cause of longer having time for themselves, I, Ingrid Callot, just cannot make sense out of this ‘reason.’

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First off, ‘me time’ is important because everyone needs to stop and break their routines once in a while. According to this CNN article, breaking a routine is beneficial for a person’s overall well-being. It reduces stress, gives people time to think, and recharges them. With these benefits, women can do all their responsibilities better without feeling shortchanged.

Moreover, ‘me time’ doesn’t require doing it alone. It may refer to time spent with friends, and joining activities and pursuing hobbies for joy and fulfillment.

It also doesn’t have to be done for a whole day or for a long period. So I advise women to simply have at least two hours to themselves before starting their daily routine. Reading a book, gardening, exercising, or just walking around the community can make moms and wives feel better and more energized.

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