Tuesday, January 1, 2013

15 Cool kids room wall decor ideas

Are you planning to redecorate the room of your kids ? Here are some fresh design ideas for more fun and interesting kiddie rooms, shared by CircleofMoms.com.

Looking for fresh ways to add color or interest to your kids' rooms? From cool new ways to use fabric and cutouts to a clever use for leftover gift wrap, these ideas left us inspired to start re-decorating!

Escaping Butterflies

"We stuck feather butterflies flying out of a repainted thrift store picture frame and it continues to delight my daughter (and her friends) to this day!" -Carrie of Making Lemonade

 Chalkboard Paint 

"Chalkboard paint a section" -Claudia R. via Facebook

Wall Decals

"Wall decals from Etsy.com" -Jannica D. via Facebook


 Framed Wrapping Paper 

"Wrapping paper. I've done it. You can change [it] whenever you want." -Rose F. viaFacebook

Hand Prints

"My daughter wanted rainbow colors, so I painted half the wall pink, the other was purple, then painted the border that went around the center of the room in different colors. The finishing touch was that we took all the colors I used and she put her hand prints around the room and really made it her own." -Shantelle D. via Facebook


"For my daughter's room I went to Michael's and bought some of those wooden cutouts (wall decorations) of butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, etc. and painted them at home. They came out really cute!" -Danielle H. via Facebook

Painted Tent

"My daughter’s room has an arched ceiling. I decided to highlight it instead of trying to hide it. So we painted the ceiling and half the wall! I had it painted like a tent (thinking more Parisian rather than circus) but utilized one third of the ceiling so it wouldn’t make anyone dizzy." -Ms. Uncommon Sense

Song Lyrics 


"Song lyrics of a special song stenciled or hand painted on to the walls." -Vanessa J. via Facebook

 Sky and Clouds

"We did blue sky with the clouds in my daughter's room. The ceiling has glow-in-the-dark stars" -Tracy M. via Facebook

                                           Fabric Covered Bulletin Boards 

"[I] have taken tack boards and covered them with fabric and decorated them to match with what's important to the kids." -Stacy T. via Facebook

Fabric Hoops

"I bought a lot of hoops for $35. Then I used fabric remnants to cover a large space on one wall. The wall is painted pale pink so the beautiful fabrics really stand out. This project was very inexpensive and looks stunning. Better yet, anyone can do it. All you need to do is trace and cut a circle for each hoop." -Amanda of Mommy is Coocoo

Book Bins

"I attach bins and baskets to the walls to house children's books and double as cute decor!" -Krissy Sherman Bonning of B-Inspired Mama

Personalized Art 

"We love personalized art. Kids love to see their names! Here's a fun personalized fireman wall art and there are many other fun pictures that can be personalized." -Melissa Hawks of The Well Appointed Life

Hand-Painted Butterflies

"I transformed my daughters nursery into a big girl butterfly room. I loved changing the room from pink to purple and making it into a place where they can play. And the handpainted butterflies are the perfect and [inexpensive] addition to the room." -Allison Bonar of Twingle Mommy

Finger-Painted Canvasses

 "I bought some cheap canvases and had my son fingerpaint on them. After they dried I hung them up." -Melissa P. via Facebook

Source: https://www.circleofmoms.com/article/15-cool-kids-room-wall-decor-ideas-photos-06007?slide=1#

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