Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cupcakes with a flair: Decorating cupcake wrappers

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Did I mention that Roger and I will be having our 10th wedding anniversary in a few days? I am so excited that I can barely contain it. In fact, I have already stashed away my gift for him at my sister’s house so that Roger will not find it. It’ll be such a delight to see him drop his jaw when he finds out what his gift is.

As a bonus, I’ve decided to bake cupcakes on our special day. Cupcakes made us what we are now – husband and wife. It was just a random day at the local coffee shop when a man snatched the last available cupcake, which happened to be my favorite! And the rest is history. 

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To add a twist to the usual cupcakes that I make, I decided to paint the cupcake wrappers as well.

Here are my tips for this fun project:

1. Avoid painting or embellishing the wrappers in a straight line because it will look odd when the paper is rolled into a cup. Instead, follow the contour of a cup.

2. Find a picture that can serve as a guide, or better yet, experiment. For starters, simple colorful dots, hearts, flowers, or checkered prints will do the trick. If all else fails, rubber or alphabet stamps will save your day. 

3. Cutouts will do. If you simply cannot paint even a circle, cutting cute pictures from gift wrappers, magazines, and other interesting materials can do wonders. Simply glue them onto the wrappers and you will have a nice cupcake wrapper.

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I hope these tips will do wonders for you, as they are perfect for any occasion.

More DIY projects are available at Ingrid Callot’s Twitter page.

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