Sunday, January 6, 2013

Table decorations: A feast for the eyes

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Decorating the house is one of my favorite activities. I often look for new ways to make my home attractive and homey. My husband loves the way I decorate our house and he’d always whisper in my ear, “What would home be like without my Ingrid Callot…”

My love for decorating started when I was just a kid. I saw my mom decorating the table for Thanksgiving dinner and I was amazed at how in a flick of a finger, the once boring and dull table turned into something fit for the gods. Since then, I started decorating, thinking that I have inherited my mom’s magical decorating prowess.

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Although I love embellishing the house, I’ve been really good at decorating the table. I believe that a nicely decorated table can increase appetite and can create a sense of satisfaction regardless how ordinary a meal is. Throughout the years, I’ve changed the themes of our dining area, from garden-inspired to pirate-inspired decoration (the latter being my son’s favorite).

For moms who do not have much time to spare, there are several fast and easy ways to decorate the table. Here are some simple tips to perk up a boring table without worrying about budget and time:

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1. Spice up your table by giving it a new hue. You can brighten up an old table by painting it with a new hue. If you are afraid of such a drastic move, painting the legs or the sides of the table can also create an almost similar effect.

2. Add interesting details. Odd tins and vases can add character to the table. Plates with different and interesting details can also perk up your dining area.

3. Create a woodland–inspired centerpiece. Place a plant on a mod vase. You can accent it with pebbles, ceramic mushrooms, or small driftwoods for an interesting effect.

4. Use other items from nature such as bare branches, cones, and leaves, and arrange them on beautiful bowls or lovely jars.

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