Sunday, February 10, 2013

DIY: Handcrafted cards for your loved ones

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Last Sunday, Jacob asked me to help him make cards. I was surprised at this sudden interest of his; so I took advantage of it. I rummaged through our cabinets and drawers for materials we can use. I also channeled the Ingrid Callot artist in me. With all the odds and ends in place and my son’s interest still intact, I taught him how to handcraft cards.

In the process, he and I have found some interesting ways to DIY these pretty little things.

1. Scraps need not be scrapped.

Some scraps should not be taken at face value. Paper bits, spare ribbons, and old buttons can do better being stored away in a chest of sorts than chucked into the trash bin. Surplus from cutouts can be folded into cards and embellished with those ribbons, buttons, and stickers.

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2. Channel nature

Nature is a maze of countless avenues for creativity. Dried flowers, leaves, and twigs can be used as ornaments on a plain card, adding an eclectic touch to the project.

3. Cutouts and more cutouts

Paper cutouts provide a foolproof way to create a beautiful card. Interesting pictures from magazines or recycled wrapping papers can instantly beautify and personalize greeting cards.

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4. Bring in the easel

Painting is another way of bringing character to the card. Old paints and stashed watercolors come in handy. Simple dots, hearts, and flowers are interesting enough, or randomly splashing the card with different colors can create a fascinating result.

More on handmade cards and other DIY projects on this MySpace page.

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