Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What does 'heart' mean?

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I recently dug into my Ingrid Callot memorabilia and found this ‘artsy heartsy’ DIY card from my son Jacob, who was five years old then when he gave it to me for Valentine’s Day. Memories flashed back as I held the card -- the look on my son’s face stained with red water color, the mess he created on our tile floor, and the feeling of pride for my son, which overcame my chagrin for the messed-up floor. Anyway, as the month of hearts brings people closer together and makes problems seem lighter, I start to rethink what the ‘heart’ truly means.

For me, Valentine’s Day is just a hallmark holiday, and celebrating love only during this day is a fluff. I believe that ‘the heart’ should be exalted every day of the year, and what matters most is the attitude you show and how much effort you exert into anything you do. I’d like to relate my own attitudes with ‘heart.’ I hear metaphors, such as giving with heart, heart-pounding situation, or working with a heavy heart. It goes on and on, but for me, ‘heart’ means:

• Being there for someone

• Doing things with a smile

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• Sharing joy with the people I love

• Encouraging others to achieve their dreams

• Paying things forward and doing random acts of kindness no matter how small they may be

• Staying true to my convictions

• Listening more and speaking less.

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I have a longer list, but this article can only take a few. However, the important thing that I’d like you to take from this is to live life with a heart and spread it for the world to see.

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