Thursday, March 22, 2012

Illuminating the home naturally: Ingrid Callot on the benefits of installing skylights

“Looking great, Ingrid Callot!”

Vicky, my long lost friend (I haven’t seen her since college graduation!) greeted me as I walked into her charming abode. It’s one of the most beautiful homes I’ve seen in years. Her house was overflowing with character and grace, thanks to the unique Italian antique set of furniture that greeted me. What caught my attention was how each piece of furniture was highlighted with natural light. Not only that, the entire home was flooded with a generous amount of the sun’s brightness and warmth. So what made her home so bright and welcoming? “It’s the skylights,” Vicky answered proudly as she pointed at the strategically placed skylights in her house.

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When I shared to her of my vow to healthy and green living, she got excited, and said, “Ingrid Callot, you won’t believe how huge this is not only in cost reduction, but also in everyday living,” she said, pointing at the skylights, and then she went on discussing more about their benefits.

As we toured around her lovely crib, she said that skylights don’t only provide natural light. They also add insulation to reduce energy bills. Quality skylights made of polycarbonate are 200 times stronger than glass or plastic, so they protect homes from extreme weather conditions. The better part is they give an open and airy atmosphere to any space. And of course, natural light enhances the home and mood of everyone in it, improves sleeping patterns, and encourages vitamin D production.

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Visiting Vicky’s house left me wanting to have my own skylight at home. So now that I’m back home, I’ll call one of my husband’s architect friends and maybe they can help me design a skylight!

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