Friday, March 9, 2012

Plants for health: Ingrid Callot and saving your lungs

Hello, blog readers! This is Ingrid Callot once again, happy and excited to share with you some groovy green secrets to a healthier living.

There’s no doubt that having plants in your living room or dining area invigorates the spirits and perks up a rather tiring day. A pot of green plant can even brighten up a gloomy abode. But did you know that plants are also beneficial to your health?

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I remember in my biology class (gosh, that was such a long time ago!) that lesson on how plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. But that’s not all what plants do! Amazingly, they do a heck of a job at draining and absorbing particles of air pollutants and toxins.

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This is good news for me and my husband, Roger, as we continue living on the green side. So, we took a little trip to a nearby nursery to spot on some natural greenery. Thankfully, we went home with three kinds of house plants. They’re now neatly placed in our sitting room, in an area where they can bask under the sun during mornings.

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My first choice was the dragon tree or Dracaena (the bonsai version), since it’s not only pretty, it’s also easy to take care of. Roger’s pick was the goosefoot plant or Syngonium podophyllum. He loved how intricate the marbled leaves look. Our third buy was the purple waffle plant or Hemigraphis alternate. It looked a bit funky for me, but the nursery caretaker was kind enough to tell us that it was one of the most rated ornamentals for combating air pollutants.

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So, there! I hope you’ll also buy some plants of your own and display them inside your house so you can enjoy clean air all day, every day.

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