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Ingrid Callot: Revealing the most harmful home cleaning ingredients

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Hello! This is your friendly blogger, Ingrid Callot, living the green life.

Last night, my son Jacob was kind enough to volunteer to do the dishes for me (though he found it hard to reach the sink). I let him help me with the dishwashing but this morning, he woke up with red blotches on his hands. I suppose it was an allergic reaction to the dishwashing liquid I bought two days ago.

So today I wrote this blog to talk about the dangers behind some cleaning products that are commonly found in households. Believe it or not, it’s ironic how many of the things we use for cleaning are the same ones that pose potential health risks to us, our beloved children (who are more susceptible to diseases than adults do), and even to Mother Earth.

Ingrid Callot is a wife, mother, and blogger. She is known in her neighborhood in Van Nuys as a recycling goddess.

From Ingrid Callo February Photos. Photo Credit:

Some cleaners contain unwanted toxins that pollute indoor air or penetrate the skin, leading to adverse effects on the body including allergies, asthma, and even certain cancers. Now, that’s totally scary! So let’s face the facts here. There are some dishwashing liquids sold in the market that contain phosphate which leads to skin irritation and burns. Laundry detergents have linear alkyl benzene that causes reactive dermatitis. Toilet cleaners have harsh chemicals, like sodium hypochlorite that result to breathing difficulty and eye irritation.

I know it’s incredibly impossible to live in a world free of toxins. But we can still do something to make things better by making an effort in using natural cleaning products like baking soda, vinegar, or cream of tartar. We can also minimize the use of harmful chemicals by reading the labels of the products we buy.

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From Ingrid Callo February Photos. Photo Credit:

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