Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ingrid Callot and the blessings of having a green thumb

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I am Ingrid Callot and I take pleasure in encouraging my blog readers to help make America a greener, healthier, more sustainable place to live in by maintaining lush green backyards or bountiful summer lawns in their own homes. There are many upsides to maintaining a garden; however, the biggest benefit of having one is seen on the things gardeners love the most: their families and children who are given the chance to enjoy the greenery and, literally, fruits of their labors. I especially love when my husband, son, and I bond in my garden. It gives me a sense of pride and happiness. Of course, there are also other things that lure me to gardening.

Ingrid Callot loves writing about how she plans to lead an army of recyclists so they can conquer the world with green ideas.

Ingrid Callot. Photo Credit:

Working on my garden allows me to be one with nature, letting me get away from all sorts of stressors. Although I dreaded digging in dirt and weeding by hand when I started this hobby, I have found them to be two of my most satisfying experiences when I’m in my garden -- all thanks to my friend, Edgardo Versoza, who made me realize years ago that weeds are not a part of a garden’s entourage.

Ingrid Callot. Photo Credit:

Among the surprising benefits that gardening has given me is the way it keeps me disconnected from the constant barrage of the busy world. It pushes me to slow down and enjoy what God has provided: nature. Additionally, it instills in me the wonderful virtue of patience since growing plants takes time. Hurrying nature would only result to a garden of disaster. It takes considerable amount of time (and patience!) to have a beautiful garden.  

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