Monday, April 30, 2012

Ingrid Callot: Loving life with a green thumb

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Hello, everyone! For those of you who have been following my Ingrid Callot blogs know well how much heart I put into living a green lifestyle. A part of this oath to saving Mother Earth is my fervor to savor every moment of life by adhering to the ideals of being person with a green thumb. Well, I’m no expert in terms of growing plants and although friends often spot me in the garden sowing seeds, I’m really not much of a gardener. That’s why I take effort in keeping tabs on how to become one. Fortunately, a person with a green thumb doesn’t have to be born with special powers to grow plants.
Ingrid Callot is known in her neighborhood as a recycling goddess who has countless ideas on how to keep things usable over and over again.

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Some people think that someone with a green thumb is born with the power to make any kind of plant grow, blossom, and bear fruit; but that’s not true. I guess all you need to make plants thrive is enough knowledge on how to take care of them, plus lots of patience and a divine love for plants. Some gardeners want to transform their outdoor spaces into a green oasis. Others love to have a kitchen garden. As for me, I like to keep my garden a combination of both.

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Maintaining a garden gives me a sense of serenity and pride as it doesn’t only beautify my home, it also keeps me healthy. Gardening itself is actually an exercise, increasing my stamina and flexibility. The fruits and vegetable I get from my garden are all naturally grown and are organic, keeping me and my family safe from harmful chemicals.

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