Monday, October 1, 2012

Ingrid Callot on housewarming gifts to newlyweds

Ingrid Callot, we’d like to invite you to our housewarming party this Sunday.” My friend Demi, who just got back from her honeymoon, called me up two weeks ago with this invite. And because I love housewarming parties – among all other parties – I agreed right away and began thinking of what to give to the newlyweds.

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Housewarming parties are defined as “an auspicious event celebrated on the occasion of someone's entry into his new residence.” For newlyweds, it is something to look forward to because transferring to a new home is one of the first few ‘conjugal’ memories that they have as a wedded couple.

Initially, I, Ingrid Callot, thought of giving Demi a houseplant that I’ve grown myself. However, I still have reservations about this because my friend doesn’t exactly have the green thumb. So, I browsed online and came across a few articles that share some good ideas on what to give newlyweds for their housewarming party:

1) Painted portrait. A painted portrait is a wise alternative to the usual picture frames that couples receive as gifts.

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 2) Cozy blankets. Something that the couple can use outside when it’s scorching hot during summer and inside when they snuggle next to the fireplace is a pretty cool idea.

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3) A stash of self-help or DIY books. For me, nothing beats getting pieces of advice on different how-tos—examples are guide books on how to build a garden, how to repair the sink, and how to decorate the house.

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4) Personalized welcome mats. I am leaning toward this because of my love for anything DIY. What I have in mind is to buy a plain woven mat and paint it with a special message for the couple.

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