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The economy and the kids: Ingrid Callot on making kids understand

I, Ingrid Callot, worry about my son’s future, since our country is constantly immersed in economic turmoil. And I’m sure many of you would agree when I say that when parents are affected by this hardship, it’s likely that the kids are, too. Thus, you have to be ready when your little ones ask these innocent but meaningful questions: What does layoff mean? Are we going to lose our house? What’s a recession?

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How do you shield your children from needless anxieties without being overprotective? Here are some points to consider:

Give straight answers. Kids these days are aware, to a certain degree, of what’s going on. They pick it up from friends or neighbors. When you lie to them, your credibility as a parent weakens.

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Give definite answers only when you’re sure of them. Don’t say “we will never lose our house” only to find out that the bank has sequestered your right to ownership. Instead, say something truthful: “We’re not sure about it, but no matter what happens, we will stick it out together.”

Work together as a couple. Your kids need to know only what’s essential for them. Both you and your partner should be in agreement of what to tell the kids and what to be quiet about.

There’s no need to keep your children in the dark. They are part of the family; therefore they have the right to know. Not only will this make them feel important about getting involved, but this will also enhance your bond as a family.

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