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All for floral: Ingrid Callot on decorating the home with floral accents

My love for nature goes beyond my garden and my home. In true Ingrid Callot fashion, decorating the home requires little budget and a dash of creativity. Of course, decorating a house and making it cozier can never be accomplished without my signature d├ęcor – a touch of nature.

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According to studies, plants do not only make a home look inviting, but they also relieve stress. I definitely agree with this. I often find myself gravitating toward the patio whenever I feel frazzled. I suggest incorporating a little bit of nature in everyone’s home. A basic step is by placing potted house plants in various areas in the house.

For people like me who are into something more vibrant, floral decorations are definitely the right choice. I love creating my own flower arrangements using flowers that I, Ingrid Callot, handpicked from my garden or bought fresh from the market. I place these flower on top of the table near the door, in the center table in the living room, on dividers near the kitchen, and even in the bathroom. They are instant pick-me-uppers and can definitely brighten up the whole appeal of the house.

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Those who are not so fond of real plants or potted plants may opt to decorate their homes with floral-printed curtains instead. Wallpapers with floral prints are also good home accents. To not make the interior design overwhelming, the wall can be decorated with strips of floral wallpaper placed alternately or in between painted walls in an equally vibrant color.

Ingrid Callot is an expert in creating do-it-yourself home decorations.

Another great design, which I stumbled upon Martha Stewart’s site, is called textile wall art. It is a gallery display that uses fabrics wrapped around panels and hung on the wall. By choosing varying fabrics with different colors and flower patterns, one may come up with a wall art that costs less, but prettifies no less.

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