Monday, October 8, 2012

Ingrid Callot on losing weight and keeping it off

They call me the Green Queen, but I am also known as Ingrid Callot, mother to adorable 10-year-old Jacob and wife to dapper husband Roger. 

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I know that a lot of women out there would agree with me when I say that although I may find myself typical or ordinary, I still have the innate drive to change the world with baby steps and without the luxury of wealth or power. And in doing so, I have to start with myself, by committing to a healthy body and losing weight—permanently. 

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With hundreds of weight-loss programs and downright flimflams promising quick weight loss results, women find themselves at the brink of confusion, discouragement, and most of the time, failure. I, Ingrid Callot, say that a successful and long-term weight loss program is one that combines a healthy, calorie-controlled diet with exercise. This takes permanent changes in lifestyle, inner motivation, and a whole lot of positive attitude—not at all easy and quick, but the process of getting there is a journey women can savor and enjoy. Here are a few items that can help: 

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1. Lessen sugar intake in drinks. When the craving gets intense, just think that with every sugary drink comes lots of sugar, which causes blood sugar level to spike and the production of glucagon, a hormone which utilizes fat as energy, to stop.
2. Eat whole. Whole food like brown bread and rice, veggies and fruits are all-natural and fiber-rich. They tend to keep the body full for a long period of time. 
3. Get those healthy proteins. Like soy and chicken, protein-rich food have a high thermic effect, which helps the body to burn more calories. 
4. Exercise regularly. Dance, play a sport, or hit the gym regularly. 
 5. Chew food more. Chewing food 20 to 30 times before swallowing is a way to control the amount of food and aid digestion. 
6. Avoid eating boxed and canned goods. They contain either lots of sugar or salt, which are both fattening. 

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